About Me

About Me

Welcome to Hebridean Weather!

I am Giuseppe Petricca, living in Stornoway since 2016, and with the purchase of a professional Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus weather station, I decided it was time to create an online website which could be a little reference point for the Hebrides.

My actual occupation is working on various projects concerning Renewable Energies and Energy Engineering while my hobbies vary from astronomy to photography, from pc tech to radio ham, and naturally, meteorology.

During my initial years, when I was still a child, my interests in the changing weather of my hometown in Italy moved me to build very rudimentary weather instruments, such as a plastic pluviometer and a basic kit thermometer. This passion grew and grew exponentially with the passing of time until reaching the purchase of my old Davis Vantage Pro 1 weather station, which remained active for more than 15 years (3 of them here in Stornoway too!).

The current weather station is equipped with many sensors which measure a vast array of variables, listed below:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Rain Accumulation
  • Wind Direction and Speed
  • Solar Radiation – Ultraviolet Index
  • EvoTranspiration Index
  • Heat Index – Wind Chill
  • TSHW Index – Dew Point

The outdoor weather station (visible just above) is cabled to an indoor console, and connected via internet to a pc that runs 24/7 (except for maintenance times) and guarantees updated data to be shown on the home page of the website and also in some of the inner pages.

Another external unit, the Davis AirLink, records and provides more data about the Air Quality in Stornoway. The sensors will measure the particulates (PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 10) content and instantly calculate the air quality indexes, joining a network of hundreds of other similar stations all over the UK and Ireland.

There are also many other available resources, such as animated satellite and precipitation radar maps, current and forecasted Atlantic synoptic charts, the rainfall accumulations across Scotland, the ‘space weather’ conditions for our planet, to aid in the chase for Lady Aurora’s lights and the current warnings and advisories for the country.

Last but not least, a self-produced and updated high-resolution weather forecast model (WRF) which will provide coverage for the entirety of the United Kingdom and Ireland. This will greatly help in providing an accurate forecast with two daily model runs that will display what the weather could be like in the near future.


Thank you for the time you took in reading this, and I hope you will like this little work of mine.

If you want to, share it with whomever you wish, online and not.

Giuseppe Petricca

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